What if every company did this?

Happy customers are the result of happy employees whose main goal is to help.
Can it really be that simple?
Imagine a company with a robust customer service department, whose team members who are well-paid, well rested, and encouraged to innovate. 
How do you think this would be reflected in the satisfaction of their customers?
The way a lot companies are structured these days, the individuals farthest away from the customers are making the biggest decisions. What could it look like if the folks closest to the voice of the customer were the key stakeholders in an organization's decision-making?
Picture this: all individuals with Director-and-above titles are required to spend one day a month working directly with customers (e.g. answering phones, working the sales floor, making deliveries, etc).
How could senior leadership staying directly in touch with the voice of the customer impact an organization and its culture?
The key to understanding your customer is…spending time with them.
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