The reason micromanagement sucks

One of the 12 EQ Competencies is Coach & Mentor (under the Relationship Management domain). 

A great manager is an effective coach

An effective coach will help their direct reports become more resourceful, skillful, and capable. While this type of manager will likely have more experience and expertise, their role is that of a resource and a guide, not a rescuer.

An ineffective coach micromanages and as a result, creates an environment of dependency and subserviency. This type of manager likely believes their direct reports are not capable of “getting the job done” without their constant interference or input.

Micromanagement is one of the telltale signs of either poor coaching skills or worse, that a conscious decision has been made to exclude coaching from the manager-direct report relationship.

In upcoming HOG blog posts, I will share some tips for developing effective coaching skills. For now, here's a self-reflection question: Who was the best boss you've ever had, and why? (I'm willing to bet they approached your relationship wearing the hat of coach more often than not.)

P.S. This same principle applies when hiring a personal coach to help you in a specific area of your life - beware those who lead you to believe you're helpless on your own or that you are “broken” without their services. A great coaching relationship never puts the coach on a pedestal…they are your partner, not your savior.

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