"Tell me more"

I firmly believe every human deeply desires to feel seen, heard, and understood.
One of the greatest gifts you can give a fellow human is to see them, hear them, and try to understand them.
A simple way to start doing this? Ask more questions. Get comfy with saying, “Tell me more.”
When you engage in conversation with someone, aim to spend 75% of your words in the form of questions. Get curious about what they want, why they want what they want, and how they view the world.
The key to meaningful connection and effective communication with others is simple: Speak less. Listen more.
How would it feel to have a boss who communicated this way? Or to be the boss who communicated this way? 
How would it feel to work in an environment where people made a conscious effort to see, hear, and understand their colleagues? Or to approach a marketing campaign from this perspective?
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