Real, long-lasting results don't come from "get it NOW!" strategies

I’m tired of the Personal Development industry using “Get rich/hot/promoted/fully booked/perfect in X-number of days or less!” as a core marketing message.

Chasing life hacks or "get results quick!" trends not only creates a cycle of dissatisfaction with what is, it also tends to do the opposite of the promise: the chase ADDS time to the journey.

What follows isn’t sexy (in fact, it goes against most advice I've been given by business coaches & marketing gurus), but here goes: the goal of EQ-focused career development coaching isn’t to gain riches, stuff, status, or power as quickly as possible.

The goals of EQ-focused career development coaching are:

  • Developing strong communication and interpersonal skills, so you can be more effective in your role and confidently step into leadership, regardless of your title.
  • Finding clarity, satisfaction, & purpose in your working life. Too many people hate their jobs and are numbed out (or worse) when they go to work; I want you to feel ALIVE in your career.
  • Feeling comfortable speaking and leading from your heart.

Speaking from my own experience and work I've done with my clients, as an effect of implementing the above, the money, promotions, and external rewards DO come...they just aren't the focus of the work.

When you feel good, life gets good. And when you feel good, the stuff you enjoy having seems to find its way to you.

So many people have it backwards: they think they’ll get the stuff or the promotion first, and THEN they’ll feel good. Unfortunately, the coaching industry perpetuates this by flashing the fancy, external rewards over the heart-centered, internal growth that takes time.

I don’t like it, but I get it: “Get what you want NOW!” messaging is what sells.

But once you buy it, does it work?

People hate lag time, so they throw money at the shortcuts, only to realize there is no shortcut. Then, they become jaded and cynical of the Personal Development industry.

I’d love to be part of changing that.

I’d love to live in a world where slow and steady growth is the sought-after path. Where heart-centered work is what sells. Where alignment to one’s core values and total acceptance of Self are the most-desired results. 

Don’t get me wrong: Riches, stuff, status, and power are not bad. I very much enjoy these results when they show up in my life, and I am in full support of my clients who would like to grow in these areas.

BUT…that’s not what we focus on together.

Because if you gain the riches, stuff, status, or power in a way that requires you to compromise your personal values, give up parts of your life that matter most, or feel like sh*t in general, what’s the point?

If you lose your Self in the chase for more, what’s the point?

I don’t just want you to find your Self, I want you to be a little more YOU every single day while you’re on this planet.

Delusional? Maybe.

But is it possible? Absolutely. And that possibility is worth showing up for.

Want to join me in this work? You can read more about my coaching approach and pricing HERE.

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