"My team is jaded and cynical. How do I get them to trust me?"

"My team is jaded and cynical. How do I get them to trust me?"

There have been a lot of layoffs in the news lately, and chances are, it's hitting close to home for you (it sure is for me - I was laid off from a dream job in December).

With these layoffs have come grumblings about corporate culture and ineffective leadership. We've got a growing number of folks who are becoming more and more jaded and cynical about the feasibility of creating positive workplace environments.

People don't trust corporate leadership. And for good reason!

If you're in a leadership position and you're wondering how you can convince your team to trust you, the rest of this post is for you:

It's not your job to worry about what people think of you. It's not your job to convince anyone to like or trust you.

Your job is to do the work and take the actions that SHOW you are a people-first leader. Your job is to make yourself available for coaching and mentorship, but let go of forcing the other party to eagerly participate.

Your job is to have integrity.

It's not your job to take on the responsibility of transforming someone else's cynicism into optimism. Your job is to simply BE the leader who actually gives a damn.

Chances are, in the near future, we are likely going to see more layoffs, crumbling of old structures, and increasingly jaded employees.

Instead of fearing the future or feeling defeated about current economic conditions, what would it look like to see the opportunity to build something better? To create workplace cultures that truly put its people and the planet first?

How can you be a part of shifting workplace culture into a more heart-centered, ethical place?

Who gives a f*ck if not everyone's on board? I say it's still worth a solid try.


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