7 ways to connect with your team

Here are 7 meaningful ways you can start connecting with your team immediately (in no particular order):
  1. Recognize accomplishments, both at the team and individual level
  2. Remember and acknowledge milestones (e.g. individual birthdays, work anniversaries, team meeting project deadlines, etc)
  3. Express appreciation for the value others bring to the table
  4. Check in on each team member's well-being
  5. Reflect the good you see in others back to them; be an uplifter of persons
  6. Care about goals: be clear about the group's expectations and goals; make an effort to understand your direct reports' professional goals
  7. Get curious about each team member's unique ideas, ambitions, and gifts. How do they make your team more capable, interesting, and dynamic?
What do all seven of these connection-makers have in common? They require you to give time to your people.
The art of connection always involves the investment of your time. Can you see how sharing this valuable resource with others establishes trust? 
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