Hi, I'm Jayme! I'm a heart-centered Storytelling & Communication Coach.

I'm here to help you become a better writer, speaker, and storyteller.

I've found it's common for creatives to shy away from sharing their message or telling their story, because they think they're just not cut out for it. They believe they're too awkward or even cursed when it comes to communication skills. They don't know "how" to tell their story: it will take too long, they don't know where to start, they do start but it's a total mess so they give up...

I've heard it all, and I call bullshit.

Communication and storytelling are skills ANYONE can learn - I don't care how awkward you think you are. Just like practice makes progress with painting, piano, and standup comedy (I've done all of these), you'll find the same when it comes to structuring a captivating story or communicating with others in an effective, heart-centered way.

My mission is to brainwash all creators into believing they deserve to be seen and heard without apology. I will not rest until you believe YOUR STORY IS WORTH TELLING.

If you want to tell your story or share your message, but you struggle with the fear of rejection, you worry what people might think, or the thought of speaking in front of people makes you want to barf, I can help.

Let's get started with a quick, no-strings-attached chat. Click the "request a consult" button below for more info and to find the request form:

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