Hi, I'm Jayme! I'm an EQ-Focused Career & Leadership Coach.

I’m here to help you strengthen your Emotional Intelligence skills so you can become a better leader and communicator.

With an EQ-focused approach, my coaching will help you:

1. Clarify and achieve your specific professional goals.

2. Find satisfaction & purpose in your working life. Too many people hate their jobs and are numbed out (or worse) when they go to work; I want you to feel ALIVE in your career. As an effect, the money, promotions, and external rewards come.

3. Develop strong communication and interpersonal skills, so you can be more effective in your role and confidently step into leadership, regardless of your title.

4. Feel comfortable speaking and leading from your heart.

Over the last 15+ years, I've grown my career in people leadership and professional development, with experience in roles such as Director of Stores and Director of Training & Development. I have certifications in High Stakes Leadership; Heart-Centered Coaching, Facilitation, & Leadership; and Meditation Teaching.

To date, I have coached over 200 individuals in 1:1 Career Development coaching sessions. I lead team trainings and workshops on Manager Skills Development, Effective Communication, and Emotional Intelligence.

My approach is effective, results-driven, and heart-centered.

Let's get started with a quick, no-strings-attached chat. Click the "request a consult" button below for more info and to find the request form:

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