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Invoke a Mood. Create a Vision. Illuminate Your Life: The Workshop

Chicago! Join us in the historic Fine Arts Building on Michigan Avenue for this creative & colorful two-part workshop that will light up your soul.

Part One is led by Jayme Allen, founder of Mood Body Studio and creator of The Moody Deck, and includes:

  • Color Symbolism 101 - how color can help you invoke a mood and reach your goals
  • guided color meditation
  • card pulling from The Moody Deck
  • personal sigil-making

Part Two is led by Mary Houlihan, public speaker and coach, and includes:

  • Visioning 101 - the power of creating a vision for your future
  • writing exercises
  • creation of a personal vision

No meditation experience required. Recommended for ages 14+

Wear comfy clothes and bring a notebook.